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Name: Transfer Paper E0002

Production Description

Environment-friendly Laser Transfer Paper is a novel green counterfeit-proof packaging material which is capable of transferring all laser holographic words and patterns recorded on a thin plastic film to a piece of paper by a transfer method.

Environment-friendly Laser Transfer Paper has the following functions:

1.Counterfeiting prevention—a package made of a paper with counterfeit-proof words and patterns, which is larger than the prior counterfeit-proof tokens, counterfeit-proof drawing line, laser film, and other film counterfeit-proof products, can enormously increase the counterfeiting prevention effect.

2.Decorative effect— Environment-friendly Laser Transfer Paper goes perfectly with printing ink with an ideal integral decoration effect rather than destroy the surface printing.

3.Environment protection—the aluminum layer on the surface of Environment-friendly Laser Transfer Paper has a thickness accounting for only 0.5 percent of that of the aluminium-foil paper, but the same lightproof and barrier properties. The uniform aluminum layer can be degraded naturally for recycling, which makes it distinct from the aluminium-foil paper and composite film paperboards that can cause environmental pollution as they can not be recycled and degraded. Applications: Environment-friendly Laser Transfer Paper can be used as packages for cigarettes, wine, food, medicine, tooth paste and other products.

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